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What is Intelligence Analysis?

Information vs Intelligence
"The term information must be distinguished from intelligence. Information is news of an fact in its broadest sense. Information concept should be understood, therefore, as the starting element for the development of intelligence, considered this as the result of assess, analyze, integrate and interpret the information."
What is a Private Intelligence Service?
A Private Intelligence Service is a private company whose main objetive is to obtain information, not reachable by your organization, and provide you with Intelligence according to two purposes: make possible the prevention of threats to your business and facilitate the decision-making processes of the managers.
What are Intelligence Units? How do they work?
Each intelligence unit is integrated by a multidisciplinary team, skilled in different cultures and languages, and with huge expertise in intelligence analysis techniques.

In our teams we count with specialists in laws, economics, psychology, behaviour, cultures and operations, all of them using our common methodology "Verified Intelligence" to assess, analyse, integrate and interpret information efficiently.

The intelligence units are also the responsible for selecting and coordinating the international network of experts, and for integrating all the different information sources.
How does a Network of Experts contribute?
Maximizing flexibility, celerity and efficiency in your solutions.
Verintel selects and coordinates privileged networks of experts to obtain and integrate different information sources (public, technical and human) from different sectors and countries, timely and accurately.
For each project we bring together the international team of qualified experts in the specific sector.
Our business structure allows us to offer a wide range of professional services of different nature, all of them of the highest quality, thanks to being based on our methodology Verified Intelligence.
How does our scientific methodology Verified Intelligence contribute?
Enhancing liability, quality and technical excellence.

Verintel supports the analysis of the obtained information on proven techniques based on a solid scientific methodology, Verified Intelligence This approach ensures a top class level of service that provides you with: technical excellence, analysis quality and information reliability. This will enhance your decision-making with: - Reliable information corroborated, assessed and verified; Contextualized with its calculated degree of certainty, symmetry, perfection and completeness to be properly understood.
- Congruent scenarios, than are plausible, probable, coherent and consistent.
- Comprehensive strategies that are relevant to your needs and resources, and that are feasible, effective, efficient and timely.
What are information sources?
The set of instruments used to satisfy the information needs and requirements of users. According to information origins, Intelligence Services use three kind of sources:technical, human and public.
Glossary of Intelligence. Spanish Ministry of Defense.



Intelligence for your company

When does your company need reliable information?
Always, in general. Specially when you are facing decisions in a high uncertainty environment, such as business internationalization, capital expansion, negotiations and legal or financial crisis.
Can I implement an intelligence unit in my organization?
Yes. Verintel offers either training your own staff in intelligence analysis, or the implantation of an intelligence unit until it is fully operating.
I am a SME, do I need Intelligence services?

Indeed. There are plenty of services that fit you, such as identification of key contacts, competitors surveillance or disloyalty analysis.
Verintel adapts its service to the size of your Company, offering customized solutions in terms of needs and budget.



What is NOT intelligence?

Private Investigators vs Verintel Intelligence Analysts
The activity of a Private Investigator is clearly different from that of the Intelligence Analyst. The figure of the Private Investigator is the responsible of obtaining and providing information and evidence of conduct or private facts.

Intelligence analysts, however, are specialists in the assessment, integration, analysis and interpretation of information from multiple sources to convert it into knowledge. Therefore they turn information into a valuable product, which is useful to make decisions with the lowest possible level of uncertainty.

Our analysts have different qualities, among them the specialization in one area of ​​knowledge, mastery in analytical techniques, language skills, intellectual rigour, maintaining an open and critical attitude, the presence of creative skills, written and oral communication capabilities and teamwork ability.

Thus, the services of private investigators and Intelligence Analysts are complementary, that is why Verintel often integrates information from detective agencies with other sources of information to produce intelligence.
Consultants vs Verintel Intelligence Analysts
According to the dictionary, a consultant is "one who gives expert or professional advice about a certain matter."

Our units of intelligence analysts are specialists in the selection and coordination of networks of experts from different countries and sectors. For each project Verintel selects the international team of qualified consultants in the right sector.

Thus, the specific knowledge of the consultants and the overall methodology of the Intelligence Analysts are complementary. Therefore Verintel frequently uses the expert information from consultants to analyze it with our strong scientific methodology that provides our services with technical excellence, high quality and reliability.

"Should analyze who thinks the best, not who knows the most."
Business Intelligence vs Verintel Intelligence Analysts
Business Intelligence is the use of technologies to collect, analyze and provide access to data and information. However, while computing resources are used to produce intelligence, the analysis and interpretation remain essentially a human activity.

Moreover, in terms of scope, the Analysis of Corporate Intelligence includes Business Intelligence, which focuses into the company, and Competitive Intelligence which aims to obtain information and to have knowledge of the environment more or less immediate where the activity is developed.

Information Security vs Counter-intelligence
Although nowadays the use of computer resources is essential in the management of information security, its use is not enough to guarantee confidentiality in your organization.
Despite our technological dependence, the transmission of sensitive information remains essentially a human activity.

Counterintelligence includes not only the safety management of internal information, but also the activities aimed to nullifying the knowledge that competitors try to acquire about the core of our organization.

Among the various tasks in counterintelligence you can find checking and accreditation of personnel than handles sensitive information; the creation of a culture of security among those who manage such information and the obligation to abide by certain rules and instructions; monitoring abnormal behavior of members of the organization or people responsible for handling sensitive information; the security hardening of meeting rooms, telephones, etc.; identification and monitoring of competitors intelligence units; assessment of sources; etc.