Market surveillance

Vigilancia de mercados
Punto What do you know about your environment? Can you anticipate changes?

Strategic market surveillance allows you to know and get ahead of the environment changes, either if they are regulatory, about strategic competitors, new technologies, management models, commercial risk of key clients, solvency of the supply chain or substitutive and incoming new products.

The preparation and exploration of business events such as conventions or fairs, will provide you with strategic information about your competitors.

Punto Have you noticed any unfair competitor?

Verintel analyses and establishes the optimum strategies in order to fight against the collusive behaviours and unfair competition that your competitors might develop.

Punto AD HOC tools for your organization

There are plenty of ISO 166006 Surveillance Technology tools in the market. Verintel studies the idiosyncrasy of your sector and Company and, within of your Surveillance Strategy, integrates the most accurate tools in order to optimize the results you need.