Our guarantee

Our commitment with customer, absolute confidentiality, and constant respect to corporate ethics and all applicable laws, make Verintel your guarantee.

Customer commitment

In all our activities we focus on finding solutions that facilitate more informed decisions and the most efficient results, so that our customers can overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals.

Absolute confidentiality

Verintel imposes professional secrecy on all relationships in order to achieve an absolute trust between our professionals and our clients.

From the first moment, we take all the appropriate legal, procedural and technical measures to ensure the confidentiality of your relationship with us, your interests and needs, and any information you share.

Professional code of Ethics

Verintel adheres to the Code of Ethics of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, SCIP, Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals. In particular, we work faithfully for the interests of our clients, we avoid at all times any conflict of interests, we meet national and international laws, and we follow the ethical codes of our clients.

Verintel capital is one hundred percent private and we do not have external shareholders or influences.

Verintel only works on projects pursuing lawful purposes or the defense of legitimate interests.


All our professionals work always according to the laws of the country or in any case according to the applicable legislative framework. The constant and absolute respect for the law is one of the cornerstones of Verintel.

For more information about our legal commitment and privacy policy see "Terms and conditions".