Disloyalty analysis

Análisis de deslealtades
Punto Unfair competition

Veríntel analyses and establishes the optimum strategies in order to fight against the collusive behaviours and unfair competition that your competitors might develop.

Punto Employee and partner loyalty, background and reliability

Avoid risks in mergers and acquisitions, commercial risk and supply breaks. Analyse the background and reliability of your potential national or international partners as well as their professional solvency or ethics.

Furthermore, most of the attacks to a company come from inside. Veríntel studies the reliability of your current, future and past employees in order to reduce the risk of leaking and disloyal behaviour.

Know the loyalty and positioning of your partners and managers in internal power struggles situations.

Punto Could you reduce an information leaking impact?

If there is a leak of information, the management of the situation must be immediate. Veríntel uses the most accurate protocols to effectively reduce the utility of the leaked information, and its impact to the Company.