Information for negotiations

Información para Negociaciones
Punto Do you face your negotiations with enough information?

The preparation of the negotiation is the most important phase in an agreement. To reduce the uncertainty level, it is necessary not only to know the profile of the opposite part of the negotiation but also their possible interests, expectations and alternatives. Verintel offers you a complete previous research and analysis that will favour the achievement of your objectives.

Punto Real decision-makers and profile of the negotiators:

The person you have to face is not always the final decision-maker. Sitting in the wrong table might harm your interests. Verintel identifies who the real decision-maker is and facilitates your approach to him.

Not every negotiator profile is the same either. It is different to negotiate with the energetic sector than with the property one, as well as is different to deal with a high executive member of the financial staff than a commercial one, or dealing with a wolf than a lamb, or dealing with an American than a British.

The analysis of the peculiarities of each negotiation as well as the profile of every person that is related to it, will provide you with a tactical advantage when planning and executing the negotiation strategy.

Punto Alternatives and real objectives of your counterpart

The ignorance of your counterpart objectives, restrictions and conditions might promote the rupture of the negotiations that could have been beneficial to your company. Verintel will provide you with precise information in order to know what your counterpart actually wants.

The same way, no one shows all their cards during a negotiation. In order to maximize the success rate and minimize the uncertainty, you need to know the backup information and the main tricks of your counterpart.

Finally, knowing what your counterpart wants and knows, it is the time for you to know the alternatives they have and, in the case, block them in order to get a better agreement.