Identification of key contacts

Identificación de personas clave
Punto We get a hearing

Reaching the accurate contact inside a Company is crucial in order to achieve your objectives. In the process of reaching that key contact, how far can you get?

  • 1. Do you have any idea, product or problem that you don't know which sector address it to?
  • 2. You already know your product could enter in a specified sector, do you know which specific companies you have to address to?
  • 3. You want to address to a Company , but it is huge and complex, where shall you address to?
  • 4. Who is the person that is going to make the decision or can make an impact on it? How can you directly reach that person?
  • 5. How can I approach and sell my idea to that crucial contact?

Verintel reaches where your Company couldn't go and brings you the opportunity to contact whoever you need to. Don't let your project end on the wrong table.

Punto Find and refer to the right person

The majority of the companies you are going to require information of are big, complex and multi-departmental. Identifying the person who has the decision power is usually impossible but very necessary. The fact that your business ends up in the wrong hands could imply the end of your only chance.

Even when you manage to identify the ideal person, referring to that contact and getting you heard could be as hard as finding him. According to our feedback, most of our clients don't end up figuring out where that suitable person works or his details, most of them even get instantly blocked by his secretary.

Veríntel does not only identify that suitable person, who has the real power of decision, but also facilitates the direct approach to him so you only have to worry about what really matters: your business.

Punto Know the profile and the accurate way of approaching

When you have already identified the suitable person, the way you contact him is specially delicate. The idiosyncrasy of each person defines their profile, likes and aversions. When it comes to contacting someone or selling your product, a bad entrance may destroy the chance of success as well as the work and time spent on it.

Verintel, through a precise personality analysis of the decision-maker, can provide you with the indications and the most accurate way of approaching the target in order to archive your objectives.