Exporting and internationalization

Exportación e internacionalización
Punto What do you know about the countries you are planing to settle on?

Before facing the challenge of getting out of your borders, it is necessary to know the risk of the target country as well as its idiosyncrasy, culture, legal framework, administration and the local and sectorial economic situation.

Venturing without the necessary knowledge might lead to an increase of unexpected cost or even the whole failure of an internationalization operation. Veríntel analyses your case and will provide all information, routes, links and cover you need.

Punto Ways of opening to the international market

Depending on your sector, your Company and your target country, Verintel will guide you towards the right way of internationalization.

Our services cover from direct selling, local agents, chain supply, decision-maker access to completely manage the exportation process, guaranteeing your success. You will benefit from our international expert private network, normally native in order to take advantage of their knowledge of the market.

If you are already settled in foreign countries, you can reduce incoming risks by verifying the background and reliability of your possibles partners as well as their solvency or ethics. Also, make sure you avoid complications in merging, acquisitions, commercial risk and possibles supply breaks of your outborder supply lines.

Punto Do I need Intelligence if I am a SME?

Every company needs first-hand information in order to open itself to the global market. Big companies have being hiring for some years these services in order to secure their investments and reduce the incoming risks.

Due to the believe that these services are expensive, many SMEs proceed to internationalize themselves blindly, assuming huge risks. Verintel adapts their services to the size of your organization, offering customized solutions to your needs and budget.

We will study your case and provide you with totally adaptable solutions that will fit your company, from punctual solutions to managing the whole exportation process, guaranteeing your success.