Our difference

Verintel customizes comprehensive solutions of the highest quality thanks to our international network of experts

Network of experts

Verintel is organized into efficient intelligence units. We coordinate privileged networks of experts to obtain and integrate different information sources (public, technical and human) from different sectors and countries, timely and accurately.

Each unit consists of a multidisciplinary team of analysts, versed in different cultures and languages, ​​and with great expertise in intelligence analysis techniques. In each unit have legal, financial, psychological, behavioural, cultural, technical and operations specialists.

For each project we bring together the international team of qualified experts in the specific sector. This configuration provides a high degree of flexibility, technical excellence and high speed in your solutions.

Our business structure allows us to offer a wide range of professional services of different nature, all of them of the highest quality, thanks to being based on our methodology Verified Intelligence.

Verified Intelligence

Method Verified Intelligence

Verintel supports the analysis of the obtained information on proven techniques based on solid scientific foundations. This approach ensures a top class level of service with technical excellence, analysis quality and information reliability. This will enhance your decision-making with:

Reliable information corroborated, assessed and verified; Contextualized with its calculated degree of certainty, symmetry, perfection and completeness to be properly understood.

>> Increase your PREVENTION capabilities

to anticipate risks

Congruent scenarios, than are plausible, probable, coherent and consistent.

>> Increase your PROACTION capabilities

to seize opportunities

Comprehensive strategies that are relevant to your needs and resources, and that are feasible, effective, efficient and timely.

>> Increase your REACTION capabilities

to manage crisis

Soluciones a medida

Customized solutions

Verintel adapts our approach to the requirements of each client and situation. For each project we select and put together a skilled team of experts specialized in that particular sector to ensure project objectives are accomplished.

Verintel provides comprehensive responses to problems and projects and customize them for customers to reach effective, efficient and timely solutions.

International scope

International scope

With our wide network of international experts, Verintel provides its services in cross-border projects.

For each project, we select the appropriate international team of specialized experts in the specific sector.

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