International asset recovery

Recuperación internacional de activos
Punto Do you wish to effectively recover the international debts?

Frauds, insolvency and non-payment can affect and deteriorate your business image. Recovering process requires a lot of effort, time and resources.

Veríntel identifies and locates the debtors assets and recovers them by using fast and effective extrajudicial conciliation strategies.

Punto International Identification and localization

The first problem that your Company has to face when trying to recover a debt is identifying and locating the real assets of your debtors. Those can possibly be directly related to the debtor, although frequently they are not, sometimes they are related with dummy corporations or debtor's relatives. Verintel pierces the corporate veil and links every debtor's asset in order to claim them as fast as possible.

Verintel identifies and locates every kind of debtors assets, whether they are financial, companies, real state, or vehicles, merchandise, jewellery and art.

The process gets harder when the debtors get their assets dispersed through different countries or continents. Verintel tracks and finds the assets wherever their are.

Punto Problematic debts recovery

It is well known that debt recovery processes take a lot of effort, time and resources. For that reason, Veríntel provides you with a global solution, identifying and locating the asset and rescuing the debt.
For a quick recovery, Verintel can provide you with an effective and efficient extra-judicial negotiation strategies.
In case of a judicial intervention, Verintel selects and coordinates the most accurate lawyers to get the asset execution done. Later, we would proceed to the liquidation of the asset according to the best market price.

Verintel is not a regular debt recovery Company. Do not give up even if you already tried to recover your asset. We will study your case.