Anticipate Risks

Anticipate Risks
Punto Facing agreements agreements without enough information?

The preparation of the negotiation is the most important phase in an agreement. To reduce uncertainty, you must know the profile of your counterpart, their real interests, expectations and alternatives. Verintel offers a complete preliminary research and analysis that contribute to achieving your objectives.

Punto Do you know your environment and can you anticipate changes?

Strategic market surveillance allows you to know and anticipate changes in your environment, whether legal, strategic moves of competitors, new technologies, management models, business risk of large customers, solvency of supply chain, or substitutes products and starters.

The adequate preparation of corporate events, meetings and conferences will provide you with strategic information from your competitors.

Punto Are your meetings really confidential?

The key element in the protection of information is people. Awareness and training of sensitive personnel can prevent information leaks.

It is also important to take concrete measures in sensitive stays, meetings or calls.

Forensic audits help to detect the origin and scope of information leaks.