Veríntel Intelligence Analyst

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Verified Intelligence
The world
of Intelligence
to your company
You know how to negotiate,
but do you know who is in front of you?

We locate assets and
recover complex debts
Wherever they are
We get
a hearing
Verintel connects you
with whom you need
and where you need
  • Method
    Verified Intelligence
    Corporate intelligence
  • Negotiate without uncertainty
    Accurate information
  • International assets recovery
  • Identification of the key contacts
    Profile and links
The information you need

Analysis of information that adds value to your decision making

Would you like to know more?
Expand your boundaries

Exporting, internationalization and abroad support

Would you like to know more?
Boost your business

Anticipate risks, seize opportunities and manage crises

Would you like to know more?


Veríntel is a private intelligence service oriented to the corporate world

We provide reliable information, out of reach of your organization, and intelligence for two purposes: to prevent risks that threat your business and to facilitate decision making of managers. Also, we provide global solutions to your business crises.

Making the Difference

  • Networks of Experts

    Privileged networks of different sectors and countries.

  • Verified Intelligence

    Reliability, technical excellence and top quality.

  • Tailored Services

    Overall response, effective, efficient and on time.

  • International

    Coverage in cross-border projects.

  • Commitment

    We subscribe your objectives.

  • Confidentiality

    Professional secrecy in all relationships.

  • Ethics

    Adhered to international ethical code from SCIP.

  • Legality

    Constant and absolute respect to the legal framework.