Protection of information

Protección de su información
Punto Are your meetings as confidential as you think they are?

The key element in the information protection process is people. The clear definition of the privacy policy as well as the awareness and training of the personnel of confidence, are a must in order to avoid the leak of information.

The same way, it is important to take concrete technical actions in important meetings, rooms or calls.

Punto Could you reduce the impact of an information leak?

If there is a leak of information, the management of the situation must be immediate. Verintel uses the most accurate protocols to effectively reduce the utility of the leaked information, and its impact on the Company.

The same way, managing a crisis of corporative image is crucial in order to not lose competitive advantage in the market.

Punto Information hearing/audit

Forensic accounting allow us to know the origin and the scope of the leaks of information, the same way, they show us how to prevent the leaking by making known the vulnerabilities of your company.

Verintel issues a report and applies the necessary safeguards after:
i. Checking the information security protocols and policies
ii. Reviewing the personnel of confidencer reliability and awareness
iii. Checking the technical actions adopted.